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Every year almost 10 000 dogs are killed in the Southern China for the annual celebration of Yulin Festival. These animals are being robbed and snatched from their homes and owners. They are being dragged by a rope, attached to a car, boiled alive, skinned alive, tortured, kept in a small cages and beaten very badly.

Yulin Festival 2015

The hashtag #StopYuLin2015 became popular as a call to stop such activities and save the lives of many animals. 

Animal- rights  groups worldwide are starting to make a petition calling for the Chinese officials to stop that festival of cruelty. One of these groups is the Duo Duo Welfare Project from California. They launched a petition calling on the Yulin city governor, Chen Wu, to "act in the interest of public health. " The said petition has gained more than 250 000 supporters since it was launched last month.

Celebrities and other popular people are also taking their part in the #StopYulin2015.

We are running out of time, Yulin Festival 2015 will happen on June 21, 2015. We must do our part in this world as a protector of every God's creation, help those animals and let your voice heard, #StopYulin2015.

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