Election 2016

1:00 PM: Comelec Commisioner Guanzon: Voters cannot just leave their filled ballots for the BEIs to feed the VCM once it works. ‪#‎Election2016‬

1:00 PM: Comelec may proclaim all 12 senators together seven days after the elections. ‪#‎Election2016‬

1:30 PM: 'MASSIVE CHEATING' prompt PPCRV to pull out poll watchers from Cotabato City for safety reasons ‪#‎Election2016‬

1:30 PM: COMELEC spokesperson to Pasaway Voters: For those who willingly and obviously, very openly displayed their ballots, I guess we need to have a talk‪#‎Election2016‬

2:30 PM: UPDATE: Smartmatic official denies alleged report that some Vote Counting Machines were kept at Novotel in QC. ‪#‎Election2016‬

2:36 PM: UPDATE: No VCMs found in Smartmatic's hotel rooms in Cubao —Comelec chief.

2:44 PM: PPCRV expressed alarm at the steady stream of reported VCM failures it has been receiving from across the country.

2:45 PM: Basilan bishop asks COMELEC to cancel voting in Matarling, Lantawan town due to massive cheating. ‪#‎Election2016‬

2:56 PM: Comelec wants to talk to 'KathNiel' for election selfies

3:00 PM: 2 Oras na lang bago magsara ang botohan

3:02 PM: COMELEC | 150 VCMS were replaced as of 2pm. #Election2016

3:51 PM: Anim na VCM sa Maynila, nagshutdown dahil daw sa over heating.

4:50 PM: Maaaring i extend ang oras ng botohan kung kinakailangan.
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