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What is KICKICO?

KICKICO is a unified platform for Initial Coin Offering (ICO), crowdinvesting and crowdfunding powered by ethereum's smart contracts. It helps innovators, game developers, blockchain leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, and other creators to find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality.

KICKICOTheir primary goal is to make the ICO easier for the developers. KICKICO will take care of all difficulties that they will face when creating campaigns and distributing their tokens, and relieves the crowdfunding project authors of bureaucracy and incredibly high fees.

For more information you may read their whitepaper.

What is the difference between Kickico platform and other crowdfunding platform? 

KICKICO.com is built on the basis of crypto currency using Ethereum-based smart-contracts.This allows it to remove intermediaries in terms of fundraising (banks, payment systems and other regulators) and open borders for the whole world.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

KickCoin is a cryptocurrency that will be received by those users who will support campaigns launched on the platform. Until then, they can be bought during the pre-ICO campaign, which starts on July 28, and ICO, which starts on August 29th. After that you will not be able to buy KickCoins from us, but you can buy them on the market, after their placement.

During pre-ICO, 1 ETH is equal to 6000KC. It means that if you buy during preICO you can expect to have atleast 3x in return once it was launched into public.

The pre-ICO achieved its goal of 2000 ETH in just 24 hours and the 5000 ETH capped in a week.

KC will be distributed with the following rates

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will start on August 28, 2017 with the rate of 1 ETH is to 3000 KC. However, KICKICO will give bonus for those who will get in early. Here is the rate of KC bonus during the ICO:


-Why is it advantageous to place your project for ICO on the KICKICO.com platform?
By placing your project on KICKICO, you immediately solve several issues related to raising funds for your project. Receiving funds in crypto-currencies allows you to accept funds from around the world without intermediaries in the form of banks and payment systems. The costs of marketing, PR and community building are significantly reduced by the presence of an ever-growing audience.

-What projects are accepted for the KICKICO platform?
The KICKICO platform accepts any projects that are not related to illegal activities.

-What is required to place the project on the KICKICO platform?
Anyone can post a project on the platform without special technical knowledge: just create a text description, complete the campaign page and set its parameters.

-I want to create a cryptocurrency for my project, do I need to hire programmers?
No! Any user can create and configure a smart-contract in a convenient, flexible and understandable Token Designer. The smart-contract will be automatically uploaded to the Ethereum blockchain when the campaign starts, and the tokens generated by this smart contract will be distributed among the backers of this project in accordance with the author's settings and their monetary contribution to the campaign.

-In what currencies will the funds be collected for projects?
At the moment, fundraising can take place in ETH and BTC.

-Can I post my project on KICKICO.com if I have already posted it on another crowdfunding platform?
Yes, of course you can place projects already posted on other sites, as well as projects that have already collected funds previously through other services.

To learn more about KICKICO, visit the platform online today at KICKICO.com.
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