Recto’s Senate Bill Aims to Abolish CPD Law

MANILA, Philippines – Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto made true to his promise as he introduced Senate Bill No. 2073 (An Act Repealing Republic Act No. 10912, Otherwise Known as the Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016) that seeks to repeal the controversial Republic Act 10912, or the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Law.

On Thursday, Recto issued a statement on his Facebook page that he will be introducing a bill to repeal the CPD Law. He also mentioned that, “Like many pieces of legislation, its intention was good, but not its implementation.”

Under the CPD Law, all professionals are required to earn CPD units by joining formal and non-formal trainings for the renewal of their Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Identification Card every three years, effective July 1, 2017.

Recto claimed that professionals from various disciplines are against the CPD law due to the expensive costs of training, seminars and other activities to earn CPD points. He also cited that many of these seminars are not accessible to many Filipino professionals, especially to those living in the countryside as well as those working abroad.

“Pulling the plug on the CPD experiment should give all of us time to ponder other means of improving professional competence without the coercive force of the CPD model,” he added.

Recto also called out to fellow lawmakers to support the abolition of CPD Law. He said on a Facebook post, “Sa panahon nga­yon na pinagpatong-patong ang pasanin ng mga Pilipino mula sa mahal na pagkain at bilihin gawa ng inflation, mataas na presyo ng langis at sadsad na halaga ng piso, magiging madali naman sigurong makakuha ng suporta sa ating kapwa mambabatas upang agad mapawalang bisa itong CPD Act.”


  1. Tama lang yan! pahirap lang sa tao yang CPD law na yan.

  2. Mailyn Soberano Balairos says

    I am so thankful if this bill passed by Sen. Recto will be approved. Salamat po!!!