TALA: Android App That Loans Cash

Tala Philippines is an android application that allows its users to loan up to P10,000 in a 5-minute approval using their credit scoring system. Take note, no other requirements is required aside from the phone itself and a valid ID.

Tala location worldwide includes Mexico, Tanzania, Kenya, India, and the Philippines. Their headquarter is at Santa Monica, California and offices located in Nairobi and Manila.

How to avail a loan?

Here are 6 simple steps to avail your first loan in Tala Philippines.

  • Download the Tala App.
  • Create an account using your phone number.
  • Verify your identity by answering few questions and uploading one valid ID. You will receive a notification within few minutes if you are approved for a loan or not.
  • Select the amount you want to avail. It varies from 1000 Pesos up to 10,000 pesos
  • Select the interest rate and period you plan to repay the loan. It can be 11% weekly within 21 days, or a 15% interest to be paid in full within a month. So for example, if you avail a loan of 2000 pesos to be paid in full within 30 days, the total amount you have to repay including the interest is 2300 pesos.
  • After selecting the payment plan, you will now choose how you would want to receive your money. It can be one through bank, coins.ph wallet, Cebuana Lhuiller, and Palawan Express. NOTE: Money are typically sent within 24 hours.

What are the accepted IDs?

  • Voters ID
  • Drivers License
  • Passport
  • Professional Regulation Commission ID (PRC ID)
  • Postal ID
  • SSS ID
  • UMID

How can I increase my limit?

Tala android app loan limit

According to the TALA app, the user will qualify for larger loan by keeping the app installed and paying previous loan on time.

Also take note that late payment may reduce the limit of the user for future loans.

Bronze Status allows you to borrow from Php 1000 – 1,999, Silver 2,000 – 4,499 Php and Gold 4,500 Php to 10,000.

There are new users that fall into Silver status right after they registered and submit their valid ID’s while some are in the bronze status.

How will I pay my loan?

How to pay loan in tala android app

Loan Payment maybe done by clicking the “make payment” button in the Tala app.

From there, all you have to do is to follow the instruction through the app and SMS from TALA.

Payment can be done through payment centers like Cebuana Lhuiller, coins.ph, or through 7-eleven.

If you want to avoid a one time big payment you may also make a partial payment of any amount anytime you want within your chosen repayment period. Just monitor your remaining balance through the app.

Is there a referral system?

Tala has a referral system where in you will receive a 200 Php for every user that will use your referral code.

If you are looking for a referral code you may use 2799460 or visit http://inv.re/80im0.


Tala app is one of the reliable android app that allows users to borrow money from them. They are popular right now and already have 494,436 likes on their Facebook page.

Also, many users have already share their good experience with Tala. One of the main reminders that they want to emphasize is to make sure to pay your dues on time to avoid penalties and to increase your limit as well.

Join Tala Philippines.

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